Welcome to The House Church

Welcome to The House Church

Welcome to The House ChurchWelcome to The House ChurchWelcome to The House Church

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Due to Government & State Regulations on Assembly Gatherings We Will Have Virtual Worship, Prayer and Bible Study:

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About Us


Church History

Church History

Church History

In October of 2011, a vision was birthed to establish a church in the Northwest Indiana area that would

reach the needs of the community and abroad. This church would minister to the people of God and

equip them to go forth and not only encourage and empower the church body, but evangelize and

disciples others to Christ. Wrestling with launching a new ministry, because so many churches exist

without pastors, Minister Joshua Harrell, Sr., being led by God, called a meeting to organize and

structure a church that would be called, House of True Worship Church. Min. Joshua called a meeting

into order at Beggars Pizza of Lansing, IL with Min. Earnest James and Mrs. Felecia Berry. Min. Joshua

laid before them his vision for the House of True Worship Church and how God had placed in his spirit to

launch a new ministry in Northwest Indiana. At the meeting, he would announce to them that he had

found a church to hold their worship services at in Gary, Indiana called Greater Now Generation Church

of Christ 3755-57 Broadway in Gary, Indiana. As Min. Josh was searching for a building to worship, he

was placed in contact with the pastor of Greater Now Church, Pastor Kenneth Williams. From that

conversation, he established a great friendship and obtained use of the building for all services and

functions. Min. Josh established an early worship time of 9:15am, so he and the congregation would be

able to fellowship with other churches and ministries.

Min. Josh new it was time to release this vision and begin planning to launch the ministry. He knew also

that proper protocol would need to be established, by letting his pastor and spiritual father know of his

plan and ask for their blessing. Min. Josh was serving faithfully for 8yrs at Zion Missionary Baptist

Church of East Chicago, Indiana, under the pastorate of Dr. Charles Thompson. Pastor Thompson was

completing his 1 st year as the new pastor at Zion. Prior to Pastor Thompson, Min. Josh was under the

pastorate of Dr. J.C. Wade, Jr., for 7yrs, before his retirement in October of 2010. These two men were

vital to Min. Josh ministry and knowing that he would be leaving Zion to embark on this new endeavor,

he would speak with his pastor, Dr. Charles Thompson and his former pastor and spiritual father, Dr. J.C.

Wade, Jr., in which both gave him their blessings. October 2011, an ordination service was called at Zion

Missionary Baptist Church and Min. Josh was licensed and ordained as a minister of the gospel and was

commissioned to go forth as a pastor of the Lord’s church.

On Sunday January 1, 2012, The House of True Worship Covenant Church and Ministries would hold its

first worship. Pastor Joshua H. Reese, established The House Church foundation scripture John 4:23-24

and preached a message entitled, “It’s Time”. After the message, Pastor Josh extended an invitation for

discipleship and 17 people joined the church that day, establishing the churches initial membership

consisting of, Pastor Joshua H. Reese, Joshua Harrell Jr., Mother Lucretia Cossey, Mrs. Felecia Berry,

Aniayah and Meki’el Berry, Christopher and Tyler Thomas, Pastor Earnest and LaTanya James, LaQuan,

LaJuan, LaMark and LaShawn Hall, Mr & Mrs. Greer and Kenneth Williams.

In the first year of ministry, Pastor Josh baptized over 30 members, licensed and ordained Rev. Earnest

James as a minister of the gospel and held our first baby dedication on Resurrection Sunday of 2012.

After 6 months of holding worship at Greater Now Generation, Pastor Josh was lead to step out on faith

and move the worship services to our current location 2156 W. 15 th Ave. Gary, Indiana. Pastor Josh had

secured this building in November of 2011 but it was not ready to hold the weekly services. The building

stored 26 pews and pulpit furniture, in which Bro. Jaylen Anderson, assisted the men of The House in

moving them. This furniture was truly a blessing and donated to us by Pastor Cedric Howard and

Goodwill Church of East Chicago, Indiana. For 3 months, The House Church remodeled the building that

is now our place of worship but had been a bakery, Mason Lodge and then a Motorcycle Club. Pastor

Josh did not cease to preach to the congregation or stop worship but began to hold worship on

Saturdays for 30minutes. With no running water or electricity yet, Pastor Josh and the citizens of The

House Church would faithfully come and worship together. Pastor Josh would evangelize on Sunday’s

and the membership would follow him to the various churches to preach. By September of 2012, The

House Church electrical and plumbing was up to code and the House of True Worship held its first

worship in our new building on the first Sunday of September 2012. Although the remodeling was not

completed, Pastor Josh felt it was important for the congregation to see the church develop and to see

the importance of giving of their time, talent and treasure.

God has truly blessed The House Church to be beacon of light and ray of hope in the Gary, Indiana and

surrounding communities for 5yrs. Some of the accomplishments consist of the ordination and

consecration of our assistant pastor in 2013, Rev. Earnest James, Pastor Josh elevation to the office of

Overseer of the Northwest Indiana Diocesan of Antioch Network of Churches and Ministries in 2015 and

Mother Lucretia Cossey appointment to the International Mothers Board of Antioch Network of

Churches and Ministries in 2016, Carpeting of the Pastors office and sanctuary, building of media

ministry booth, deed of our building and many more. We are thankful for every person and member

that has contributed to the growth and development of our church. Look how far God has brought us.

Look how far we’ve come. Thank you Lord for what you’ve done.


Our Pastor

Church History

Church History

 Pastor Joshua H. Reese, is an anointed pastor, teacher, father and minister of music. Pastor Reese graduated from Robert Morris College acquiring an Associates of Applied Science in Business Administration. He also attended Hope Bible Institute and Seminary where he acquired two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Charismatic Arts and a Masters in Biblical Studies.

Pastor Reese began preaching January 1997 and was licensed to preach by Bishop Freddie Hill Jr. Senior Pastor of Dixmoor Apostolic House of Prayer of Dixmoor, IL. In 2003 Pastor Reese began to attend Zion Missionary Baptist Church of East Chicago, Indiana and would serve as an associate minister and minister of music under the pastorate of Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. J.C. Wade, Jr. and Rev. Dr. Charles L. Thompson, Jr. Senior Pastor. In October 2011, Pastor Reese was licensed and ordained and in January 2012 Pastor Reese would organize The House of True Worship Church of Gary, Indiana, where he currently serves as Senior Pastor.

In September of 2015, Pastor Reese was elevated as Overseer of the Northwest Indiana Antioch Network of Churches & Ministries under Presiding Prepare Bishop Tavis Grant. Pastor Reese has been blessed to evangelize through the preached word and song though out the country. Pastor Reese is married to the beautiful Mrs. Tomeka Reese and has 3 handsome Son's, Dontrell, Joshua and Dontae who God has blessed him to raise. 

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